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27th July 2017 
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Welcome to My Website.

My name is Rayne Stafford and I am qualified MAR - (It is Important that you always check that your practicioner is also MAR qualified) in Reflexology, Reiki Healing and The Indian Head Massage (Profile) with many years experience. My objective is to assist you to better health through Reflexology. I can provide any of three specialisms; Reflexology, Reiki and Head Massage therefore able to deal effectively with any client, in a way that they feel most comfortable and relaxed.

As an introduction, when attending for one treatment of Reflexology, I will also give a short trial of another (Indian Head Massage or Reiki) of your choice.

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We all suffer from Stress at one time or another. Almost 70% of disorders can be related to stress and nervous tension due to job pressure, noise and in fact, just every-day living. The debilitating consequences of high stress levels are fatigue, anxiety and depression as your nervous system is depleted and your immune system lowered you feel drained and your body feels pain.

I can tackle this pain and stress at the source by applying one of three specialisms, either Reflexology, Reiki or Head Massage, each a providing relief and whichever will be the most effective for YOU.

In slightly different ways, they all counter the debilitating effects of stress, by inducing relaxation; therefore helping the body to re-balance and return to proper equilibrium, giving you more comfortable, more fuller and more rewarding living.


If you have any stress, unexplained aches or pains in any part of your body, even worry unnecessarily, then I can help where other remedies may have failed.

To find out how little it costs to return your zest for life, click on Prices and take advantage of my current offers.

Reflexology & Reiki & Head Massage are ancient, well known and well tested methods, aimed to increase freedom from pain.

It is a fact that many clients, although having no particular illness, believe that they can, with my help, feel much more vibrant and alive.

As a practitioner in Reflexology, Reiki and Head Massage it is my aim to alleviate pain and stress. If you live within the Aylesbury area, I would be pleased to help YOU.